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DSC_0062I think the most important thing that I could tell you about myself is that I whole-heartedly believe in the effectiveness and genuine need for this medicine.

Statistically only 40% of the world’s population manage their health with some form of western-modeled medicine, while the rest take a preventative approach.  In my opinion we are moving towards a place where people are experiencing how  maintenance when we are healthy can  keep the immune system, body and mind much stronger than having to focus on costly recovery once we’ve reached our tipping point.

My training at multiple medical centers in Los Angeles, UCLA Arthur Ashe Center and the Venice Family Orthopedic Clinic, have helped me develop a unique approach that incorporates the best facets of both eastern and western medicine. Ultimately providing my patients with a truly integrative approach to health care.

My passion for this medicine is rooted in a true love and desire to help you not only recover, but understand the fundamentals to maintaining optimal health outside of the office. I strive to create a relaxing environment where you are both supported and educated so that you can take the necessary steps to bring your body back into balance.

I currently offer treatments in both Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

As a courtesy, I accept all forms of medical insurance. However, I believe that healthcare should be available and affordable to everyone. For patients without insurance, I will always work to accommodate your means. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I look forward to working with you.


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Sarah Norvilas, L.Ac

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